Every year, Haiti Babi hosts a spring fundraiser to celebrate the community, raise awareness and fundraise for the coming year's development. I have created sub-brands for these events including decor and collateral. 


In February of 2012, I began working with my business partner Katlin Jackson to develop a non-profit that would provide jobs and empower women in Haiti. We now employ 13 women in Haiti to crochet baby products that we sell to an upscale market in the United States. As Co-Founder I wear many hats, but my major focus is to define and implement the creative direction of Haiti Babi. I have developed the brand, the product, the packaging, the website, the event decor and experience, the retail and trade show displays, and all of the the marketing collateral. Haiti Babi has been featured in Seattle Times, Seattle Magazine, Disney Baby, the Burke Museums Empowering Women Exhibit and featured in Red Bull's documentary series on social enterprise.