ATHLETE        //      TRAVELER      //     SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR       //     DESIGNER

I am a designer living in the beautiful city of Seattle, Washington



Things that make me happy:


A great adventure

Learning something new

Solving design problems

Playing in the mountains

Airplanes... going anywhere. 



Resume ON REquest




Born and raised in Portland, I moved to Seattle to play goalkeeper for the University of Washington soccer team and study design. As team captain and with first team west region academic honors, I graduated in 2013 with a degree in Visual Communication Design and a focus in entrepreneurship. Our soccer team played and volunteered in Rio in 2009 which inspired me to take a solo trip the following summer to coach in Ghana. During my third year at UW, I started a social enterprise Haiti Babi, which empowers women to keep their children out of orphanages by creating handmade artisan baby products. 

I took internships with Nike in 2011 to work on the Better World brand team and with Microsoft in 2012. In my final year of school I studied economic development in Brazil and after graduation took 6 months to backpack through 18 countries. I then joined Microsoft to do design direction for Windows 10 and then to the wearable fitness device and health platform. I currently work as a remote designer for Amplifier- a social impact agency. I enjoy traveling, working with products, seeing new possibilities through design, and telling stories. Sports and fitness are still a big part of my life: I run, ski, bike, hike and love spending time in the mountains.